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Our Purposes

  1. To support all levels of the Catholic Church to:
  2. Provide information of workshops / seminars focusing on Holy Bible, Marriage, Fostering Children, to enhance faith, family and social life for members.
  3. Encourage members to participate and support Catholic priests to organise retreats or spiritual exercises so as to maintain and enhance spiritual life for members.
  4. Encourage young people to participate in all activities and study the Bible in order to serve the Catholic Church and others effectively.
  5. Develop cultural programs with the focus on serving the Community, especially God’s people.
  6. To support needed members and to visit the deceased members’ families.
  7. To visit the sick and the elderly members at home, hospital or nursing homes.
  8. To provide information on social welfare, immigration and other human development programs in order to enrich a peaceful and harmony life of members in the Australian Multicultural society.